CCS Provisional


Become a Provisional Member

Every February, Christ Child Society welcomes in a new round of Provisionals. Provisionals are individuals who are interested in becoming Christ Child Society Members.

Anyone interested in becoming a 2024 Provisional should reach out to our Provisional leader, Kim McNulty, by clicking the button below!

Provisional Information

The Provisional period lasts approximately one year. Each period begins in February and concludes in January of the following year.

Provisionals are expected to attend monthly meetings, participate in two general or board meetings, and volunteer time to CCS programs, events and fundraisers.

A $50 Provisional fee will cover meeting materials, a membership pin and access to the membership directory.

Full Member of CCS

When each Provisional class becomes a full member of CCS, our hope is that you discovered an area in which you will continue to serve. You will find countless opportunities to serve, including the Layette Program, the Literacy Program, House enrichment programs, annual special event planning committees, fundraising efforts and many more, donating time to assist fundraising efforts, and many more.

After the Provisional class enters CCS membership, the expectation is that each new member will pay an $80 annual membership fee, attend two meetings per year, and complete sufficient hours of service each calendar year.