What We Do


What We Do

The Detroit Chapter has three arms of outreach: Layettes, Literacy and Christ Child House.  Our organization includes and embraces members of all faiths, dedicated to expressing the love of the Christ Child by service to all God's children.

Layette House and Program

Our arms are outstretched to new mothers-in-need….

Our arms are outstretched sharing hope and courage…

Literacy Program

Our arms are outstretched to children in need…

Our arms are outstretched with a love of learning…

Christ Child House

Our arms are outstretched to the most vulnerable victims of abuse and neglect…

Our arms are outstretched with hope and healing…


Christ Child has been such an amazing organization to be a part of. All of the society members are so generous and thoughtful. Everyone ultimately works together to help the children of Christ Child. I am very lucky and proud to be a member of Christ Child!

Tatum Schwartz

member since 2020

I love being part of a non-profit organization that touches so many lives in an amazing, kind, loving and nurturing environment,

Mari Mackenzie

member since 2010

As an 8 year member, I am so proud of everything that Christ Child stands for. To see a boy that is so broken come stay at the House and leave as a well put-together young man is a beautiful sight to see. Christ Child is ingrained in our family and we will continue to support this amazing organization for years to come!

Katie Gantner

member since 2012