Success Stories


When he came to us, he was a lost, broken little 10-year-old boy. Now, he is a thriving, strong 18-year-old man.

Having survived a traumatic childhood, Lonnie Hooks was bounced around from one “home” to another until he finally arrived at the Christ Child House. We weren’t sure what his future held then, but he has become one of our most successful alumni, and his story is an inspiration to us all and to all the boys currently residing at the Christ Child House.

This special young man spent several of his transformative young years at Christ Child House under the care of our talented and extremely committed therapists, clinicians, and house staff. During his time at Christ Child House, Lonnie was known for his kindheartedness and his smile – a smile so bright, it could light up the moon.

Lonnie credits the Christ Child House for teaching him the essential life skills he needed to be successful in everyday life – how to study, how to interact with peers, how to work hard, how to have patience and persevere. The lessons he learned at Christ Child House allowed Lonnie to achieve a level of success that even his biggest supporters were not sure was possible.

Today, Lonnie is a senior at Groves High School. He lives with a family in downtown Birmingham – a placement he set up on his own!

In addition to spending time on his academic studies, Lonnie enjoys spending time with his large friend group, and has found a passion for the game of Lacrosse. He is a member of the Birmingham Unified Varsity team and scored his first career goal last season against Bloomfield Hills High School!

Lonnie wants everyone who supports Christ Child to know how grateful he is for their support. He understands that Christ Child House saved his life and ensured his future. To everyone who has ever contributed to Christ Child and his own personal successes, Lonnie says, “Thank you!”

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