Christ Child Society Sponsors


We are honored and privileged to have wonderful sponsors and supporters for many of our events.  Please do your best to support these wonderfully generous individuals and local businesses!

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  • W C Roney Foundation
  • Bank of Birmingham
  • Lanie Hardy Cosgrove and Madelon Ward – Hall & Hunter Realtors
  • Rizzo Environmental Services
  • The Dickerson Group, Inc.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Duerr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fisher
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gooch
  • Leon Halip Photography
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Hildebrand
  • Lunghamer Chevrolet
  • Meadowbrook Insurance Group
  • Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace
  • North Brothers Ford
  • H & J Oldencamp Company
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Paradiso
  • Thomas and Jones Group, Inc.
  • Clavenna Vision Institute
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brendan George
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hammil
  • Hall & Hunter Realtors
  • Kastler Construction
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hill
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ran Jessup
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kearns
  • Jeffrey King Interiors
  • Mr. and Mrs. Martin McGough
  • Orange Theory Fitness
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brian Roney
  • Ms. Kelly Roney
  • Ms. Sally Westerheide