Becoming a Member

Each year Christ Child Society of Detroit welcomes new members to our organization. If you are interested in becoming a member, the following FAQ will assist you in that endeavor:

How do I become a member of Christ Child Society (CCS) of Detroit?

Every February a general provisional information meeting is held; at this time you will learn the history and tradition of CCS and the scope of service opportunities available

How long is the Provisional period?

After meeting the requirements, provisionals will be inducted at the General Membership Meeting in January of the following year (therefore, approximately one year)

What requirements must be met?

  • Prospective provisionals seeking membership must return a completed application, along with a $50 initiation fee within 15 days of the kick off meeting in February.
  • Provisionals are expected to attend two general and/or board meetings, as well as monthly meetings and activities
  • Provisionals will volunteer time and learn all aspects of CCS through the various areas we serve (Layette, Literacy, Child Enrichment, fundraisers, projects at the Christ Child House, etc.)

What if I’m unable to meet all of the requirements? Can I still become a member?

We understand that everyone’s lives are action-packed. Our provisional co-chairs will work with you to find areas in which you can serve whether you work full time, part-time, have young children at home, or are an empty nester who travels from time to time. You will find it surprisingly easy and rewarding to meet the requirements.

What if my situation changes during the provisional period and I’m unable to continue?

If circumstances arise and you are unable to complete the provisional period, you may re-apply immediately for a second provisional period but must pay an additional $25 fee

What does my $50 initiation fee cover?

This fee includes mailings, provisional meeting materials, a membership pin and access to the membership directory

Are there any additional dues during the provisional period?

There will be no additional dues, however, there will be fees for event tickets, donations for gifts for the boys who reside in the Christ Child House (Easter Baskets, Christmas gift), auction items for fundraisers, etc. These will be voluntary and at your discretion.

What can I expect once I become a member of CCS?

Our hope is that during your provisional period you discovered an area in which you will continue to serve. Whether it be our Layette program, Literacy, art or Child Enrichment, serving as a chairperson or committee member for one of our three annual fundraisers, serving on our Board of Directors, helping out with our Junior Christ Child members, playing bingo with the boys once a month, etc. You will find countless, rewarding ways to become and stay involved.

Are there any requirements for remaining an active member?

  •    Successful completion of provisional year
  •    Dues of $80 each fiscal year
  •    Attend two meetings per year
  •    Complete sufficient hours of service each calendar year